million-meal-movement-header3Million Meal Movement has a two-fold vision: feeding the hungry and teaching the importance of volunteerism. Each year millions of meals are packed by volunteers for hungry families in Indiana.

PacMoore is thrilled to be donating our labor and production line time to create 100,000 pouches of Rice Soy Casserole mix and we are inviting companies like yours to join the movement. Please consider donating from the list below or becoming a company sponsor by donating funds which will be allocated to the items needed.

Specific items needed: 

  1. Vitamin powder, approximately 4,000 pounds
  2. Veggie premix, approximately 2,000 pounds
  3. Soy, approximately 20,000 pounds
  4. Rice, approximately 60,000 pounds
  5. 85 pallets
  6. 85 chipboard liners
  7. Pre-printed roll stock film for 100,000 pouches
  8. 3,000 pre-printed cases for the pouches 

Let us know how you would like to contribute!